A Legacy Of Love : Nicholas Sparks Essay

A Legacy Of Love : Nicholas Sparks Essay

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A Legacy of Love
Nicholas Sparks once said, “Every great love starts with a great story...” (Goodreads 1). As an author of love stories, Nicholas Sparks has written many novels that would later become beautiful adaptations of his words. In fact, eleven of the romance novels written by Sparks have been turned into movies. These films include The Lucky One, Message in a Bottle, Nights in Rodanthe, and The Last Song. Even with the numerous movies released, one remains prominent and is ranked number one by many fans. This popular film is The Notebook. After the 2004 release, it instantaneously became one of the best romantic films based off of Sparks’ novels. Although there are numerous Nicholas Sparks adaptations, the adaptation of The Notebook is the best.
Nicholas Sparks is known for the plot of his stories, and out of the eleven films, the scheme of The Notebook is truly superior. The unique style of The Notebook is due to the flashback setup it has compared to Sparks’ other film adaptations that are based in the present time. Bailey McBride explains the plot of the Notebook in her article stating, “The movie takes place when the couple is older…she has Alzheimer’s and he has a bad heart. The early stage of their passionate love is revealed as he reads the story to her from the notebook and the film flashes back in time” (McBride 1). By basing the film off of a flashback, it creates a more intimate feeling that makes it superior to the average love stories of the other Sparks’ film adaptations. In the beginning of the film, two elderly individuals appear, and a story begins to be read by the man. Little does the audience know the love story is about the old couple. Rather than just starting the film in the past an...

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...erent transitions and developments after their teenage fling. In the other Sparks’ adaptations, relationships are repetitive with character development. A couple meets, falls in love, get in a fight, break up, then reconcile and live happily ever after all while going through many physiological changes . The Notebook is rebellious while following this cycle much like Noah and Allie. After their split, they practically give up on the idea of being together. In fact, Allie did not even know where Noah was or what he was doing in his life. Something was missing for them though; their characters just did not know what it was. It was love. Allie’s once stuck-up character needed care-free Noah to complete each other and finish the cycle of development. The development of character makes a movie exactly what it is, and the setting of the film adds to it as well.

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