A Lecture Monika Tyler The Course Leader Of Bachelor Of Nursing Essay

A Lecture Monika Tyler The Course Leader Of Bachelor Of Nursing Essay

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In this lecture Monika Tyler the course leader of bachelor of nursing came in and spoke to us about what its like being a nurse what you are require to do in order to become a nurse. Monika spoke about the type of people nursing is right for and reasons to do and not a Nursing degree. Monika also explained and defined nursing and then specifically explained what a Registered nurse is. This lecture also highlighted emerging new roles for nurses, pathways into the bachelor at Victoria University and touched on the difference between the amount of males and females who are are currently working as a nurse.

Nursing is referred to as an ‘art’ and a ‘science’. It is a profession or practice that provides necessary care to ill individuals. Registered nurse is the main sect of nursing that demonstrates competence in the provision of nursing care in line with the registering authority’s licence to practice, educational preparation relevant to legislation, standards and codes and context of care. Registered nurses are required to recognise an individuals social factors such as; beliefs, sexuality, ethnicity and culture that could potential impact their belief s about health. Monika stated that a registered Nurse is required to respect the individual treatment choices of their patients and that they could only suggest the best treatment option for them. Registered nurses work in many different types of settings such as hospitals, Military Rehabilitation and schools. Monika allowed us to know these various different types of settings, as many nursing students don’t feel comfortable with the idea of working in a hospital setting. Monika told us that nursing students are not limited to only seeking employment in hospitals

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...s a second carer for men and in previous times society has stigmatised Nurses as being Females. Monika said that number are bound to improve as male nurses are younger then female Nurses with 56 % of Male nurses being under the age of 40 compared to only 40 % of female nurses being under 40.

Overall this was an extremely interesting lecture to attend it has given in depth information of what nursing is and the different types of areas that Registered Nurses are able to work in. this lecture also showed me how my course could link up to the bachelor of Nursing at Victoria University. this lecture also included the percentage of Registered Nurses In Australia which was an interesting fact to me and made me consider and ask my self why I never considered completing a nursing degree. This lecture was very informative, easy to understand and I enjoyed attending it.

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