A Learning Environment Effect On The Classroom Essay

A Learning Environment Effect On The Classroom Essay

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A. Learning Environment Effect.
George has unruly behavior that affects other students in the classroom, not only that George’s behavior is disruptive, but his behavior is disruptive to his fellow classmates. George’s behavior became disruptive from the point where he strikes at his fellow students, and throws paper and his books at the classroom floor whenever he gets angry. George’s disruptive behavior affect and it also interferes with his fellow students listening to the presentation from the teacher. George behavior can lead to other student outbursts and can also result in the student getting a lower grade due to inattentive during classroom activities.
B. Possible Trigger (antecedent).
George might be having problem due to emotional behavioral disorder. Sarah is the possible trigger for George’s behavior. For example, whenever Sarah approaches George’s desk, he begins to act out and start throwing his books on the floor. George disruptive behavior is an emotional behavioral disorder because he only act whenever Sarah comes close to his desk. The possible trigger of this behavior is Sarah.
C. Instructional Intervention.
To address George behavior in the classroom and possibly have a positive effect on George’s disruptive behavior is to re-arrange the classroom setting and the seating arrangement. Since George disruptive behavior triggers only when Sarah approaches his desk, George and Sarah seats should be re-arrange or Sarah’s seat should be remove from where George is seated. If possible, position Sarah seat in an area in the classroom where she will be out of George’s sight. By separating George and Sarah, George will benefit by being less disruptive during class and the entire student in this class will also benefit from...

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...ance equipment that can be used to enhance motivation. Whenever Nancy has an interest in a topic, she pays more attention than when she thinks the Lessing is boring and not interested. To motivate Nancy, a smart board can be used instead of the normal board. Smart board offers a variety of opportunities to students to share and take part in the instructional process. The use of the smart board will create an interactive session and platform for demonstrating through teaching. Smart board has feature that incorporates drawing, writing, and graphics that can make a boring topic a fun and loving topic. Nancy will be greatly motivated by going in front of the classroom to write and demonstrate using graphics to solve mathematical problem on the smart board. I strongly believe that smart board is the best and an appropriate technological means to enhance Nancy motivation.

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