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The film “A League of Their Own,” depicts a fictionalized tale of the All American Girls Professional Baseball League. This league was started during World War II when many of the Major Leagues Biggest stars were drafted to the war. MLB owners decided to start this league with hopes of making money while the men were overseas fighting. Traditional stereotypes of women in sports were already in force before the league even begins. One of the scouts letts Dottie, one of the films main characters she is the perfect combination of looks as well as talent. The scout even rejects one potential player because she is not as pretty as the league is looking for even though she is a great baseball player. The player, Marla’s father said if she was a boy she would be playing for the Yankee’s. Eventually Mara’s father is able to convince the scout to take Marla to try outs because he raised her on his own after her mother died. Her father says it is his fault his daughter is a tomboy. In this case the film reinforces the traditional stereotype that mothers are in charge of raising their daughters and teaching them to be a lady, where fathers are incapable of raising girls to be anything other than a tomboy. The focus on beauty also reinforces the traditional stereotype that men will only be interested in women’s sports when the females participating in these sports are seen as attractive.
Once the ladies make the team they learn that more stereotypes will be forced upon them. The ladies in the league will be required to wear skirts, which is not the traditional uniform men wear nor is it the type of uniform the ladies have worn in the past. The women complain to the league that the uniforms will be difficult to slide in. The le...

... middle of paper ...

...omen broke down barriers and entered a male industry. When the professional league began for these ladies, many critics felt that the league could not be successful and would not hold the attention of fans. This league proved to be very successful, bringing in fans and revenue during a time that major league baseball was suffering. This film shows that women’s professional sports does have the potential in the United States to be popular if it is given the chance. This league should also be remembered for their efforts during the time our country was at war. At this time the men were overseas, while the women were filling in their roles. Many of these roles and jobs were not accepting of women before World War II. These women in baseball and in other industries proved women could hold their own in the workplace, opening the doors for women for years to come.

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