Essay on A Leader That I Admire

Essay on A Leader That I Admire

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One leader that I admire is my mother. She has taught me to do everything to the best of my ability, work hard, and be resilient. When my parents were in the process of getting a divorce, my mom went through many difficult times. Nevertheless, she always stayed strong and did a terrific job of taking care of my little brother and I. When I was eleven years old, my mom introduced me to cycling. Since then she has completed three century rides which are one-hundred mile bike rides. After she finished her first century ride, I was amazed at the amount of adversity she went through. She had been chased by three dogs, gone through twenty mile per hour winds, and still managed to complete an unimaginable feat. She inspired me to complete the Tour De Gruene, a sixty-five mile bike ride in the hill country. When I was fifty feet away from the finish line, I had a moment to think that this wouldn’t be possible without my mother. She is the perfect example of a leader who brings people up and always stays positive.

During my senior year in high school, I started an internship at Walgreens Pharmacy in Brownsville, Texas. This was a unique opportunity for me to find out if I would like to have a career as a pharmacist. So far, not only have I learned about my interest in pharmacy, but I have also learned from Dr. Leonard, one of the pharmacists at Walgreens. Even though I have made many mistakes as a Pharmacy Technician Trainee, Dr. Leonard always motivated me to do better the next time and stay positive. He always has a smile when he is working and looks forward to helping others. As a result of his qualities, Dr. Leonard assists everyone work easier together because there are never arguments. If there is a misunderstanding, Dr. Leonard al...

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...e advantage of my strengths. Since I am a better cyclist than runner, I passed two of the competitors in my age division while on the road. On the last transition, I took a deep breath and focused on my goal. There were two people in front of me. Mile by mile I got closer until I was finally able to pass one guy. Eventually, there was one mile left so I had to sprint. Two hundred feet away… one hundred feet away… fifty feet away… I barely passed the other runner. I finished the race in first place! After the race, I met the second place winner who told me he was a professional cyclist from Wimberley, Texas that traveled around the world competing. I was glad to hear this because I got very close to beating him, while being sick at the same time. I will employ this experience as a motivation that I will never make excuses nor give up on something till the very end.

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