A Leader 's Leadership Assessment Essay

A Leader 's Leadership Assessment Essay

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Student Name: Ocilka, Brian Edward

1. This course is designed to help you grow as a leader. The first step is to determine your effectiveness as a leader. Complete Exercise 4-1 “Leadership Assessment” and take note of the scoring and interpretation. Keep in mind that for this and all other units, I will consider your decision-making on what you include and how you communicate your response as part of your final grade. Also, be sure to cite any references that you use in your responses.

2.  How did you score on the assessment, and what was your initial reaction to your score and interpretation?

Student Answer:                On the assessment, I scored 10 in the “Getting the Facts” section, 8 in both the “Creating the Vision” and in the “Motivating People” sections, and 10 in the “Empowering Others” section for an overall score of 36, which put my score on the high end of the “Very Good” scale. It has been a couple of years since I have done a leadership self-assessment like this, and it was a good review for me. Too often as leaders we can get complacent and upon initially looking at an assessment like this think, yes, I am going to give myself scores of 10 for everything because I know in my heart that I am a successful leader and I do a fantastic job in each one of these areas. However, if you really take the time to read each of the 20 practices that are presented in this assessment, and truly do look at each of these items and challenge yourself, you will see that you are actually ...

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...s, but everyone in the organization that he works with.              The final trait that Lynn possesses that makes me consider him to be an excellent leader is integrity. Lynn focuses very highly on integrity, and knows and understands that integrity is the bedrock upon which any leader’s success is formed. With Lynn, there is no easy way around or any question of lessening one’s ethics to complete a task; Lynn values integrity in himself and his team, and does not allow anyone to deviate without there being repercussions.              Looking at what was presented in Unit 1, I think that the characteristics of a good leader that were presented do a very good job of correlating with my definition of why I think Lynn is an excellent leader. 

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