A Leader 's Job Is The Most Powerful Person On The Planet Essay

A Leader 's Job Is The Most Powerful Person On The Planet Essay

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A leader’s job is to show people the way they are supposed to go. This idea is shown by the very name they are called. The dictionary definition of lead is to “organize and direct” . Leaders show people the way, yet in our current world, that is not how leaders are portrayed. In a democracy, our representatives are supposed to represent the people. Our president is supposed to do what the American people tell him to. This makes the President a simple spokesperson for our country. It is a strange idea that the President is the most powerful person on the planet, but he must adhere to the wishes of his people, that seems to contradict itself. Are leaders simply spokesmen to their underlings, or do the underlings serve the leader. This is a big question that gets answered in both Mallory and Fate Zero with two completely different answers.
A hero in Mallory is actually more closely related to how most fictional heroes are portrayed today. In this telling of Arthur, one of Arthur’s claims to fame is his round table. This table symbolizes that no one man is above anyone else. That the world that Arthur is trying to create is fair and just. There is even the oath of the round table that demonstrates this. “I will develop my life for the greater good. I will place character above riches, and concern for others above personal wealth” . The knights at his side take this vow to work towards the greater good. They give up their own ambitions so that others may live on. This is a very commonly used trope in modern literature and movies. A few examples of this are Neo from the Matrix, Leonidas from 300, and Spock from Star Trek The Wrath of Kahn. All of these characters are willing to give up their lives for what they believe to be the grea...

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...ngdom fell apart after his death? Japan, where the show originates itself, is a constitutional monarchy. It is a system of government where an elected group of people from the masses is used to regulate a monarch. In fact the monarch is not allowed to have any decision on government affairs . This type of government might have played into the promotion of a singular ruler, rather than a leader of the people like in many forms of American entertainment.
Mallory and Fate Zero both portray great Arthur’s, had trouble figuring out who they were or what leader they should be. Each one tried the best that they could to be a leader for their people who followed the laws he or she set for themselves. They did not think that they were greater than anyone else, and that might have been their fatal flaw. If they had been more selfish, they would have been the perfect leaders.

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