A Leader Is The Person Who Leads Or Commands A Group Essay

A Leader Is The Person Who Leads Or Commands A Group Essay

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When you search for the definition of a leader in Google you get “The person who leads or commands a group”. I do not relate to this definition very well, as I think a leader is not just someone who commands a group to do things. A leader to me is someone who makes an impact for the better in a person or group of people’s lives. When I think of a leader I think of someone who not only completed their set goal, but someone who along the way helped and influenced others lives. To be a leader you not only have to be strong and bright, but also a likeable person. No one will vote for you to be president if you are a terrible person with ok ideas. You must intrigue your potential followers and show them you will lead them to victory, making a change for the better.
The very first memory I have of a leader is my 3rd grade teacher. I think teachers are great leaders and role models, this being the reason my memory stuck out so much. Mrs. Howell was an extremely nice teacher. She pushed us to be out best, but have fun while doing it. I remember when we had our 3rd grade track and field day she pulled us all together before the kickball game. She told us that we would be great and to just have fun and play hard. When she huddled us up I thought to myself how I wanted to be just like her one day. Mrs.Howell was not only a great teacher, but also made big impacts in all her students lives, which I believe made her a great leader.
When I was in going into middle school I really wanted to be a leader in my school and community. This is when I decided to run for vice president in our student government association. Even though I was running for president, being the vice president was a big responsibility and I really wanted to show all my f...

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...at I enjoy. Being the type of leader I am, I think a counseling position will be a good path for me to follow. I get to diagnose sick children, and then help them to get better, sometimes even curing them.
Reflecting back on writing this paper, the thing that stands out most to me is the goals and aspirations for the future, and how they tie in with being the leader I am. I think my goal of becoming a genetic counselor is somewhat like being a leader. Everyday people come to you for advice and everyday you help change people’s lives for the better. Being in that profession you impact the lives of the people you treat and you lead them through the troubles they are having with their children, or even themselves. I think the leadership skills I have now, and the skills I will learn in this class will help me succeed in not only my career, but everyday life as well.

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