Essay on A Lab Report On Coordination

Essay on A Lab Report On Coordination

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Coordination complexes are metals that can accept electron pairs to form coordinate bonds without affecting the charge of the metal. The species that donates its paired electrons is called a ligand. Counterions are not part of the compound but balance the charge of the coordination sphere, the metal and ligands. These compounds are known for their very bold colors and their ability to enhance solubility. In this lab a coordination compound will be formed from Equation 1.
(Equation 1)
From this, the exact formula for the coordination compound can be found using several methods. To find the amount of iron (III) spectrometry will be used. When iron is mixed with sylic acid it makes a deep purple color by measuring the absorbance of the mixture the mass of iron can be found using Equation 2.
(Equation 2)
The mass percent of iron can then be found using Equation 3.
(equation 3)
The amount of oxalate can be found by using titration with potassium permanganate also seen in Equation 1. Using stoichiometry and the concentration of the titrant the mass percent of oxalate can be found using Equation 4.
(Equation 4)
In summary, the purpose of this lab is to synthesize a coordination compound using iron (III) ions, oxalate ligands, and potassium counterions. From this The exact formula for the coordination compound can be found by using spectrometry and titration. The spectrometer will measure ion composition and the titration will measure the oxalate composition. From the oxalate composition the potassium composition can be found based on charge balance.

8.356 g of potassium oxalate was added to an Erlenmeyer flask with 25 mL of deionized water. Hot water was used on the outside of the flask to help dissolve the solid i...

... middle of paper ...

Titration #2
Titration #3

Standard Deviation:

Just like with the iron the mass percent of the oxalate was found using the molarity and Equation X. The average mass percent of oxalate was 52.7%. This shows in relationship to the iron there is much more oxalate in the equation. From these mass percents The molar ration can be found between iron and oxalate by dividing by their molar masses. To find the molar ratio the molar fraction of iron was divided by the oxalate to get a 9 to 1 ratio of oxalate to iron.
From this the amount of counterions can be found by using the charges of the metal and ligands. An oxalate ligand has a -2 charge and iron has a +3 charge. To give the coordination compound a neutral charge there would need to be 15 K+ ions giving a total formula of 15K[Fe3(C2O4)9].

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