A Lab Inventory Specialist Position Essay

A Lab Inventory Specialist Position Essay

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As an international undergraduate student earning a Bachelor of Science degree in biology at Suffolk University, I had every intention of becoming a Scientist. However, while I completed an internship, a few part time positions and full time administrative/support positions in the field, I realized that I no longer desired to pursue this as a career. Although I valued doing hands-on research, and assisting people in bettering themselves, I found that the field did not call for the formation of more skills, relationships or engaging in mutual mentorship with other scientist to the level that I desired and had experienced through interactions with fellow researchers as a young professional. As a result of this realization, I decided to apply for a lab inventory specialist position in a pharmaceutical company after graduation. Over the course of my first six months in the position, I discovered that the lab support position provides so many of the rewarding opportunities that I had been seeking in a job, including: variety in daily duties and responsibilities, interactions with various science experts in the biomedical field, networking with supervisors/ department heads who support my work and challenge me to develop professionally, the ability to work both independently and in a team environment and, most importantly, the potential for long-term growth where I am able to witness and guide the professional and personal progress of those around me. These experiences have contributed to my decision to pursue an advanced degree in the healthcare/biomedical field and helped to clarify the path towards accomplishing my goals. As I progressed in my position, I continued to associate with peers/colleagues, scientist, administrators and oth...

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...ucation, as a lab coordinator have shaped the goals that drive me forward in my career. Through studying Healthcare Administration Program at Suffolk University, I hope to further my knowledge of the field to better understand the historical and theoretical context of the profession, and to acquire skills that will help to tackle healthcare challenges, and to be able to help people. The skills that I learn will allow me to be a more valuable resource to the biomedical community and administrator for the people with whom I work, effect positive change on society with my background, and make notable contributions to the industry. I look forward to being challenged to accomplish my dreams and goals, to discover my potential, and I know Suffolk University will provide me with the education and experiences necessary to become a responsibly engaged healthcare professional.

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