Essay about A Joyous Night at Lamar University

Essay about A Joyous Night at Lamar University

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Lamar University hosted an incredible performance by the Lamar University Dance Company on November nineteenth and twentieth. The performance blended a mixture of modern, hip-hop, and ballet type dances throughout a series of eight separate dances. The dance ended with a half-hour long performance called Games which appeared to be the focal point of the entire performance. Each dance consisted of two to seven different dancers, while half of the dances used only female dances, a few dances used one to three male dancers. The entire performance was transitioned well with thirty seconds of darkness which left the audience in wait for the next dance.
The night started off with a dance called “Our Best Bette,” which split into two separate parts. The first part told a story of a group of girls fighting over a man. The dance flowed well as the beginning only showed a single dancer, and by the end five dancers appeared on the stage. The synchronization of the dancers allowed the eyes of the viewers to focus on the story more than the dance itself, but when one dancer separated from the group, it felt a little harder to follow. One female dancer broke from the group to the far left of the stage. This break made it harder to follow the story depending on where one viewer might have been sitting. The solo dancer performed a different dance astray from the group. After a few minutes, the setting changed one more time. A male dancer appeared on the stage in different attire from the female dancers. The female dancers wore what seemed normal for ballet dancers to wear. The male dancer, on the other hand, wore blue jeans and a shirt. The viewer might believe that the focal point changed to him at this point. Likewise with the solo dancer earl...

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...l theme, ballet. All of the dances used some sort of ballet technique in some way. Even though music is not needed to dance, the music helped tie the audience into the entire performance. The directors and dancers should have been proud of those two nights because the audience definitely left with all smiles and new memories. Lamar University’s Dance Company’s Fun & Games was a joyous event and made it a joyous night.

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