Essay on A Journalist's Audience

Essay on A Journalist's Audience

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There are many different types of articles: newspaper articles, journal articles, editorial articles, research articles. Each one of these articles target a different audience. The authors takes into account who will be reading their article and how much knowledge he or she has on the topic being discussed. The style of each of these articles depends on the audience. The comprehensibility of a newspaper article will be much greater than a research journal article written by a scientist. The audience has a large impact on the style, structure, word choice, credibility and understanding of different articles.
When comparing different articles, a reader must read the articles with an unbiased understanding. Newspaper and magazine articles are likely going to be much easier to read, but the reader must have an open mind when reading a more difficult scholar or research journal article. People who read a journal article are more than likely trying to gain knowledge on the topic. Such as, a scientist or researcher who is reading the journal article to learn more about the topic being presented in the article. They read the article with the intent of learning something new or adding to knowledge they already know. People who read a news or magazine article are gaining little knowledge on the topic. This specific audience is usually trying to get brief but reliable information on a given topic.
Before one can analyze an article, the entire article must be read. The complete concept of the journal article or magazine article can not be fully interpreted until the article is comprehended. Once both of the works being compared are read then the comparing of different appealing audiences can be discussed.
An article in the...

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...>T (P = 0.7388) and therefore we considered further only the results for g.664493737C>T” (Hill, 3). This is science language for “this is data that only certain people can understand.” While the journal just spills information without any personable language, the newspaper article gives life to boring information by adding lively words.
Different types of articles appeal to different audiences. This is evident with the credibility, language, word choice, structure and targeted audience of the article. The more information a reader wants will more likely find it in a lab report. The more general information a reader wants will probably find it in a easier to read newspaper or magazine article. Just because and article targets a certain audience does not mean it will be impossible for another audience to read it, it probably will not be preferred by that audience.

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