A Interview With The Intelligent, Understanding And Dream Chasing Mrs. Stacy Hill

A Interview With The Intelligent, Understanding And Dream Chasing Mrs. Stacy Hill

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I enjoyed my interview with the intelligent, understanding and dream chasing Mrs. Stacy Hill. Secret’s Boutique is a fine lingerie, adult store. Selling the trendiest and classy lingerie, bras, briefs, and panties. Secret’s Boutique also sells novelties and adult games. Secrets Boutique also offers services for wedding, birthdays, and private events.

Who is Stacy Hill and Secrets Boutique

Stacy Hill has always known she wanted to own her business. She says “She always had a love for fashion.” Stacy Hill, the older sister three has always considered herself to be a ‘fashionista’ of the family. She says her dream was to open any type of store, as long as it caters to women. Stacy ventured off to follow her dreams at Howard University and obtained a Bachelor of Science in Fashion with a minor in Business. Stacy’s first job was at a ladies’ boutique in Washington, DC. During the summer vacation, Stacy would work at Calypso and Bermuda Railway Company. Stacy then went back to Bermuda looking for full-time work. She found full-time work at English Sports Shop and after three months, Stacy applied for a managerial position at a new boutique. The boutique was Secrets. Mrs. Hill worked as a manager at Secrets for 9 years before her old boss asked her if she wanted to buy. Stacy says “I wasn’t ready to own a business.” However, Stay’s sister gave her the push she needed. The sister told Stacy “You know what the store makes; therefore, you would know if you can afford a loan.” Stacy went and bought the store in November 1999.

Early Career
Most entrepreneurs find themselves to be ambitious, passionate and determined. Mrs. Hill found her entrepreneurial strengths to be knowledgeable about the products, great customer service and going ab...

... middle of paper ...

...d to spend from her family. Being the face of her store, caused her to be at every event. She says this helped her boost comfortability with her customers. Stacy supports all small business in Bermuda. Some of the businesses that she admires most are A2Z Fashion and Salt Spray Soap Co. She feels they took a passion and used it to start a business. “They took a step of faith.” As Stacy said.

Being through every entrepreneur dream and nightmare, Stacy Hill has faced many obstacles during her business life. Like any successful entrepreneur, she stuck with through challenges and overcame them. She tells me as an entrepreneur, she has a lot of responsibility and power. Stacy sees this as being in control of her destiny and dream. Stacy passed along some kind words of advice; if you have a dream go for it. Stacy believed anything was possible if one worked hard for it.

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