Essay A Interview With Democracy Services Manager

Essay A Interview With Democracy Services Manager

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A couple of weeks ago I had a chat with Democracy Services Manager when she came to give me the copy of council meeting agenda. I joined Horowhenua District Council in the late last year and since then I noticed something in this council too that is quite young managers in executive team, average age in Westland District Council was 42 and average age in Horowhenua District Council are 41, which is quite young to be CEs and executive managers. Somehow I got into the discussion with Democracy Services Manager and she said that one of our councillor said that new CE has appointed young managers to save money because experienced managers cost lot and these new babies are cheap. Then I had a chat with CE to know whether he appointed young managers to save money, he replied that some of the new managers are costing him more than their predecessors.

Democracy Services Manager also said that some people knows how to climb organisation ladder faster than jet speed. Sometimes people do unethical things to climb up the organisation ladder, they compromise their principles, and they sacrifice their standards for organisational goals in reward of promotions. And some employees are wedded to organisation, spend extra long hours at work to succeed and impress management, for them job come first and family comes next which makes unhappy family and in some cases leads to divorce and some manager plays tactics like back stabbing to move up the ladder which again ethically incorrect. (Lincoln, Pressley, & Little, 1982).

When aspiring young manager or professional who pays attention to promotions instead of good track record, working knowledge, good relationships and leadership skills, etc. may glue fine for a while. But sooner or later they wi...

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... lesser the desire to learn new things, as they wanted to carry on their job as is because in the last few years of their career they don’t want to take too much hassle of learning new skills.

So is it harmful to hire a young manager in the executive team of any local council? We don’t know the answer, there is not much research on this topic, but researchers confirmed that the first time executive encounter different problems than any experienced senior executive, hence by identifying these problems organisation can support and train the new executive team member how to handle in those situations (Pearce, 1982). CE David Clapperton always encourages the use latest technology and innovative ideas thus may be that is another reason he appointed fresh young blood in his team but it is always good to have some senior members in executive team to balance the proportion.

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