Essay on A Interview With Claudia Sanchez

Essay on A Interview With Claudia Sanchez

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Claudia Sanchez is a 48-year-old Mexican woman who came to the United States when she was 16. She spoke Spanish until 2 years into her move to America, when she forced herself to learn English for the sake of being able to function in a new world where she needed it to survive. When she was 28, she gave birth to me, the youngest of four children, in Dallas, Texas. It was there that I learned Spanish up until the age of 5. Claudia believed that our 3-bedroom house there was too small for her finished family and moved all of us to Arlington, Texas. There, I went to school and grew up with a predominantly white population who spoke no Spanish. I was still young enough to learn English along with the rest of my school group and soon enough, my fluent Spanish faded away. The entirety of my interview with Claudia was done in Spanish, both of our native tongues.
My mother learned Spanish during her schooling years in Mexico. It was the language from where she was from and she spoke it everywhere she went, having learned from a young age. “When I went to school in Mexico, we were taught calligraphy and typing on the typewriter,” she informed me. “English was not taught there because it just was not important to us.” Today, English is taught in Mexican schools at a younger age and more wide-range, so everyone has an opportunity to learn if they want to. But when my mother went to school in Mexico, they did not recognize the importance of teaching English yet. In Dallas, there is a predominately Mexican demographic that obviously shaped the culture and environment in which I was raised in as a young girl. Learning Spanish that young, I just listened to what my parents and grandparents were saying and did what they did. I understood everyt...

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... people will always look at her as if she is an outsider. But I do believe that she can speak it successfully. She gets her message across, even if she has to try harder. Considering that English is my second language and that I am an English major, I have obviously succeeded in learning English proficiently. I do not have to ask others what word I am thinking of, if only because it has slipped my mind.
Claudia Sanchez is a 48-year-old Mexican woman who learned English well enough to talk to my teachers to make me better academically. She learned English well enough to understand the English-speaking patients she sees and helps them lead happier and healthier lives. She learned English to talk to her friends who care so much about her. She learned English to better herself in a country where she was not wanted. She learned English. To me, that is successful enough.

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