A Interview With A Lab Technician Essay

A Interview With A Lab Technician Essay

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“Are you ready to go?”

At the crack of dawn, I had to meet Dawna Hartman at AbbVie laboratories where she worked as a lab technologist. After I got my security badge I told her that I prefer not to get out of bed before the sun even starts to rise, she told me “yeah I don’t either, but I like getting out of work at three instead of five.” It was sort of a dig towards me but I didn’t mind I thought it was kind of funny.

As a woman who has lived with and wanted to work with animals her whole life, you would think that Dawna would want to work as a veterinarian instead of someone who tests on animals, but truth be told she had worked as a vet tech for five years prior to starting her current field. Mrs Hartman started work there after she graduated from college, with an associates degree in biology. She was horrified to learn what that vet did to the animals, and briefly mentioned to me how they had beaten the animals and treated them so poorly that it was a wonder how anyone could want to to work there. Dawna told me that after she got out of there she had two job offers both from different labs, to no one’s surprise she picked the one that paid more. At that job she had worked as a lower level technician working with different types of monkeys. I was told that she had never even considered working with lab animals, but has now worked in the field for twenty three years.

Walking through the corridor that was reminiscent of a hospital wing mixed with a pet store, blue walls with the smell of wood shavings in the air, she started showing me the rooms and their different purposes through the windows on the doors, because not to my surprise I wasn’t allowed. In one of the rooms a lab tech was rearranging the large pl...

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... it is to be sold. Bath and Body Works claims that their products are animal cruelty free, Dawna told me that all the ingredients legally have to be tested on a rodent and non-rodent mammal
The final question I had to ask her was with the way animal testing is done and how much it has come under fire in recent year how much of it did she agree with. Dawna told me, with her eyes threatening tears, that if certain tests hadn’t been done then her husband who is suffering from lymphoma, which is a very treatable cancer with the help of modern medicine, would have gotten much worse if there had been no option to test the chemo method on. Also her mother She said people need to put testing into perspective, would you rather trade one hundred rats to be used in creating and perfecting medicine that could potentially cure a life threatening illness or see a loved one suffer?

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