Essay on A Interview With A Disability

Essay on A Interview With A Disability

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Having a disability can be one of the toughest events that anyone will ever go though especially when they specially have limited mobility. For this assignment I had to interview two individuals whom have a disability or are different from the norms. For my second interview I decided to interview one of my friends named Dane. The session lasted for only about twenty minutes and it was cut for time for the reason that of he had to go to class. Now you might ask what disability does Dane has and it is that of he suffers from limited to no mobility since his childhood and occasionally he has to use leg braces and motorized wheelchairs to move around. Throughout the interview I was able to gather useful information that I had already known about people who suffer from having limited mobility and whom must move around with a wheel chair. On the other hand there were times during the interview process that I was able to gather information that was very surprising and lastly I was also able to gather specific information that should be useful as I continue my process as a rehabilitation counselor. Before we talk about all of the information that I was able to gather I must first talk about how Dane and I first met.
When meeting someone who is disabled can be an interesting ordeal. For the first time that Dane and I met was that one day I was going to the restroom and Dane had fallen to the ground and couldn’t get up. I bent down to pull him up but I had trouble since surprising he was heavy. So I could in for another person to help. So after twenty minutes we were able to get Dane. Now you might ask how Dane fell. The reason is that Dane needs a wheel chair to move around and when he needs to use the rest room or walk around he needs l...

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...ol and sports. One of the last differences was that Jim is older and he has been though the worst in his life and Dane is younger and he is about to start a new life after he graduates from school.
In conclusion interviewing Jim and Dane for my personal perspective papers was a magnificent experience. Both provided me with an endless amount of information from Jim with his PTSD to Dane with his limited mobility. Each of them also provided me with information that was known and information that became certainly shocking to hear. Thus after conducting my two interviews with Jim and Dane my opinion was that they are two the truly best people that I have ever be associated with and I was blessed that I had the opportunity to each of them. Therefore in conclusion this experience opened my eyes to how people with disabilities are treated in our today’s current society.

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