A Interview On The Marketing Field Essay

A Interview On The Marketing Field Essay

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During this interview, I was really intrigued by the exceptional thoughts Mr. Lew shared about his position as a Global Director at Newell Rubbermaid. Three of the following key factors that I found interesting throughout this interview was the experience marketers need to obtain, any responsibilities they have in the workplace and building a well connected network that he spoke about.

Through his experience and knowledge that he’s gain over the years being in this industry made it more fascinating because he gave me a little insight of what is expected as I am looking to be in the marketing field in the future.

Although there were many lessons learned from the interview, Dave continuously pinpointed that having experience in the industry can determine your position in the future. He made sure that he understood what he was placing himself in before taking action. The discussion led to having internships. The more experience you have the better off your going to be and opportunities you’ll get.

Marketing has different aspects. what you want to do in your career that’s kind of essential for you to get a grasp on what you think it is and then take the right field of where you want to go. because you can go to different areas in marketing but you just have to take some time to learn about them and understand them to see what you want to do over the long term. Which mainly revolves around internships where many get their experience from.

Business in real life is so much different, there are new things happening in real life and not taught in a book. In the business world your going to make decisions that will sort of affect your life. 

Skill Sets / Responsibilities
Be flexible, on what your doing today and what yo...

... middle of paper ...

...ctually do it are always the ones that stand out. Its up to the person to push it forward on what you want to be. one of his biggest suggestions he had for me. 

when you are showing up to the table you want to make sure whether for an interview, career sessions, you got to seek those things out. have to know exactly what you want to do. start talking to recruiters and figure out what they are doing. and then what do I need to do myself to get into that sort of profession for it. professors could be the best source for this. Always look for their connection points. 

Concluding Statement: Understanding and obtaining the knowledge that Mr. Lew explained thoroughly, can lead to a successful performance in the working environment. For many of these upcoming marketing students like myself, should demonstrate the need of experiencing new things and work to ensure success.

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