A Interview On The Classroom Essay

A Interview On The Classroom Essay

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Description of Interviewee
Joy Stephens is a second grade teacher at Canterbury Woods Elementary School. She has been teaching for ten years in the public school setting and has been teaching at Canterbury Wood for five years. Canterbury Woods is an inclusion school that teaches students with exceptionalities with general education student. The classroom sizes are about 28:1 with the exception for special education teachers and aids that pop in and out of the classroom for some students. Mrs. Stephens was chosen for this interview because of the experience I have observed in her classroom this school year. The school has adopted a direct approach to behavior. Students are not rewarded for good behavior but are expected to display good behaviors because that is the expectations set by the school. I watched a transformation in Mrs. Stephens class from the being of the school year until the end of the year. She taught the students what the expectations are for her classroom and they worked on meeting those expectations until they were met.
Transcript of Interview
1. What are some reasons you have experienced, that students misbehave in school?
Students may be struggling academically, not being challenged, or looking for attention.
2. Are the behavioral procedures set by the school or the county?
There are levels. Countywide for the students right and responsibilities books. Schoolwide where the principle decides on smaller things like responsive classroom approach.
3. What are some of the behavioral procedures?
At our school we practice responsive classroom. We believe in natural consequences, no material rewards but social and community rewards, and teacher language. We spend many weeks teaching our students what we expect them t...

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...ve minutes to their selves in the beginning of the year. She said it took practice and instruction of how to do it. Now students have an hour of reading time and when the hour is up they don’t want to stop reading. She explained that it is like that for all behaviors that you want the student to display. Setting the expectation in a clear manner, teach the behaviors needed to meet the expectation, and then hold the students to the expectation.
Participating in this activity has allowed answers to questions I have been want to know all year to come out. I now have an understanding of what I witnessed for a year. Sometimes when you are in the middle of something with a job, you don’t have time to stop and ask such questions. I am thankful I was given the opportunity to get a better understanding of another method to manage behaviors and have an effective classroom.

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