A Interview On Professional Success Essay

A Interview On Professional Success Essay

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For this interview I define professional success as excelling in your respective field, personal success as providing a great quality of life for your family and being proud of who you become. Like the popular anecdote where a person is told “If you decide to be a solder, become a general. If you decided to be a businessman, become the CEO. If you decide to become a painter, be the Picasso.”, my family believes that believe that whatever you decide to do, you should strive to excel. My goal is to be able to start generational wealth for my family, while being able to be proud of what I do. I think that no matter how successful you are professionally, without personal growth and fulfilment you cannot be considered successful.
The person I chose to interview is my grandfather, Buck Tung Cheung, who I will refer to as my grandpa for simplicity. My grandpa was born in a small rural village in China, and in 1951 immigrated to Canada determine to fulfill the “Canadian Dream”. When he first came too Canada, he worked for his grandfather in a restaurant called New China. After a couple of years, he took ownership of New China which he eventually sold, so he could go back to China and marry my grandmother. In his life, my grandpa had four children and nine grandchildren. He fulfilled his dreams of finding success in Canada and creating opportunities for his children. He now is comfortable retired, living in his dream house in downtown Toronto.
After bring my grandpa brought my grandma to Canada, he went to work in Chinatown in Markham. While supporting his family, he managed to save up enough money to open up restaurant called Scarborough Terrace. While proud of his achievement, he didn’t feel that owning one restaurant with multiple par...

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...ealth for the future. My dad told me that after he graduated pharmacy school he wanted to go on a month long trip to Europe. My grandpa pulled my dad aside at a dinner and told him not to waste his money now and to go buy a house instead. I try to dress as professional as I can, and be polite and respectful to everyone until they give me a reason not to. After long days, slouching at my desk doing work I find me self sitting up properly remembering “walk like a dragon”. Back when I first moved to London my dad emphasised what he learned from grandpa, which was live like a student now so you can live like a professional later. To accomplish this, I created a budget which I have been constantly improving since first year. Using what I learned from my grandpa and what my dad learned from my grandpa as a starting point to learn more about investing and personal finance.

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