A Interview Has Been An Eye Opening Experience Essay

A Interview Has Been An Eye Opening Experience Essay

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Conducting this interview has been an eye opening experience. I thoroughly enjoyed discussing past, present and future topics with the parents in reference to their child. There truly is no one who knows their child better than a parent, and we as educators need to value and appreciate all that a parent can provide to us.
As a future special educator, I want to strive to have an open wave of communication with the families that I encounter. I would say the parents really valued and have benefited from the amount of independence that their son has received from special education programs. What resonated with me the most was when the father referred to everyone being part of a team and deciding what’s best for the team. That everyone counts and that everyone’s opinions and ideas matter. I think that’s a great mind set and attitude to have in order to build success for any child in special education.
In terms of challenges, I think with any parent, they just want their voices to be heard and appreciated. Communication is always a key element when discussing challenges. When you are not connected as a team, that’s when problems can arise and feelings can get hurt. In this general interview, it seemed that matches within staff weren’t always the best fit for their son. The truth of the matter is that some personalities don’t mesh well together. Within the realm of special education you want the child to be able to work well with support staff. Valuing the parents feedback and informing parents of consequences is another area I want to focus on when thinking about my career as a special educator.
The parents overall seemed very pleased with the education system, and the continuous support that their son receives. It couldn’t be ...

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...the parents wrapped up their comments, the notion of The Least Dangerous Assumption popped into my head. The father mentioned that when he looked back 10 years ago he was impressed at how far his son had come. This goes to show that people surprise us everyday and push the boundaries all the time. If the parents took the idea of “believing in the paradigm of mental retardation leads to low expectations for students with significant disabilities. These low expectations result in segregated educational programs” then their child would not have any success. However, currently their son is holding a job and volunteering in the community. This alone, will shape my professional practice. Limitations are all in the eyes of the beholder, if I can help shape and give hope to parents and children with disabilities then I feel like I have made an impact as a special educator.

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