A Interview At The University Counseling Center Essay

A Interview At The University Counseling Center Essay

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My interviewee is Edmund (Ted) L. Riccio. Ted is a licensed clinical psychologist who works in the Villanova University Counseling Center. The counseling center is located at 206 Health Service Building, 800 Lancaster Ave. Villanova, Pennsylvania 19085. In order to become a licensed clinical psychologist and a University counselor, Ted had to earn his doctorate in psychology. He received a Psy D in clinical psychology and had much practice as a therapist. I chose to interview Ted because he was the most convenient. I was originally going to interview a marriage counselor, but our schedules conflicted. The interview was conducted face-to-face in Ted’s office.
His clients are undergraduate and graduate students, staff and faculty who attend Villanova University. The number of clients Ted sees varies depending on how far along the semester is. For example, when there is a lot of stress because of midterms or finals, he will see up to 5 to 6 clients a day or 30 clients a week. Ted explains that the counseling service on campus is designed to be short-term. His job is to listen to and understand student’s need and help him or her reach a realistic goal. If Ted senses that client’s problem are beyond what the services can offer, he suggests agencies that clients should go to, to help better fit his or her need. Ted is also responsible for running freshmen group, which is a group organized to help freshmen adjust to the transition from high school to college. He is also responsible for recording every session with clients, and collaborating with his team members to get a sense of where they all stand.
Ted reports to his supervisors and assistant director of the Villanova Counseling Center. He has been working at this campus for thre...

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...s, Ted must enhance problem-solving, coping, and development capacities of people, provide resources, and promote effective systems. Overall, there are a lot of similarities in the profession of psychology and social work.
I would not like to work with inpatients. The environment is too negative for me to work in every day; I do not think I would be emotionally stable. I did consider a career as college counselor because it seems more relaxed and less stressful. There is more of a positive environment; most clients are voluntary and are motivated to seek help. But if nutrition does not work out for me, I would love to be a marriage counselor. I would rather work with adults. Also, seeing other people’s trouble marriages and relationships would help me work on my own, understand relationship dynamics and feel appreciative of the person I am in a relationship with.

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