A Interview About Paul Digiorno Essay

A Interview About Paul Digiorno Essay

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Paul DiGiorno was the person I immediately thought of when this interview assignment was assigned. I have known him for years and knew he worked with software both managing and writing it. Paul lives in Columbia, New Jersey and currently works for Tiffany’s, the jewelry company. He has worked there for about three years. Before his current position at Tiffany’s, he worked for Novartis, Dell, Bear Sterns, and JP Morgan. His current job deals with User Experience Services for Tiffany’s. As lead engineer, he is in control of all the software on Tiffany’s employees’ desktops. He makes sure the software that controls the company’s computers is running and helps keep everything secure and up to date. He is in charge of configuring the environments that Tiffany’s employees use and making them better for the employees. Along with this, he builds scripts to help make the process easier for himself and the other employees.
Making scripts is not the only programming experience Paul has had. When Paul worked on Windows Automation Server using Citrix at Novartis, he helped build the structure for the company. He also worked on virtual office spaces that allows many users to have similar workspaces with similar programs. The programs run on the server so they are available to all the users as well as making it easier to update software for everyone. This creates a unanimous workspace for all the workers. While working on this project, he helped work on automating the process for the server.
Paul works as the Lead Engineer for a team of seven. In the past he has worked as the manager of a team. However, after asking if he liked it better, Paul admitted he enjoyed working as a team member and leader rather than the leader only. In the position h...

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...ss as well as a better experience creating software. Talking with Paul also made me realize that complete leadership is not for everyone. Despite being a leader now, before when he was fully the manager, he was not the happiest. He wanted to be more involved in the process as a developer and executer. That is completely understandable especially to someone who loves to work on a project more than manage a group. Overall, the experience was rewarding being able to talk to someone I knew and finally understand what he does.
In all, the interview reaffirmed that software engineering is where I would really want to be. There is so much potential in the field as well as many aspects to consider. The field is not limited to only software but also what can be improved with code in general, how far it can go, and how much it is used. It is fantastic how versatile it can be.

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