A Intelligent Guide System At A New City Essay

A Intelligent Guide System At A New City Essay

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When people visit to a new city, few of them can really knew it because they are not native. The visitors usually live in hotels, and the most of visitors want to know more information of the city, so to provide a intelligent guide system to show information of local city is useful for the visitors.
The intelligent guide is a system to show information of the local city, guests can research where tourists can see good views, where people can play fun and what the best food people can eat. Gusts can make the best plans depends on their own situations, base on the plans, tourist can save time, save money and also have fun.
“To be the preeminent global hospitality company - the first choice of guests, team members, and owners alike.” (Hilton Worldwide, 2016). Therefore, the degree of satisfactions of guests is very important. In hotels, there are two common types of guests; one of them are general tourists, they usually care how fun they have in a strange city. Another type of guests are business travelers, they cannot spend more time to visit a city because they usually have own tasks. Therefore, intelligent guide system is necessary, the guests can easily make a plan and enjoy their time.
Following the people’s living standards have been improving, more and more people enjoy to travel when they have time. According to World Tourism Organization (2015), comparing 2014, the number of tourists who are overnight increased by 4.4 percent, totally number is 1,184 million in 2015. Tourism is one of main industry in the world, the number of tourists are keeping increasing. Therefore, the majority of guests are tourist, to provide facility for guests and attract more guests are important.
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...estaurants and shopping malls, then these industries also recommend tourists to the hotels. Therefore, hotels can share local tourism industries guests resources, and guests resources sharing can increase occupancy rates of hotels. Sharing guests resources can make profit maximization, so the intelligent guide system benefit the hotel.
To sum up, intelligent guide systems guide guests eating, playing, shopping and communicating in a strange city, the system can make the best plans and routes for guests to travel in local city. Therefore, the systems provide facility for the guests, and make guests satisfied to attract more tourists living in the hotels. In addition, the intelligent guide system also strengthen the partnership between hotels and other tourism industries to increase occupancy rates. Therefore, the intelligent guide system benefits the guests and hotels.

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