A Integrated Multi Tiered Health System Essay

A Integrated Multi Tiered Health System Essay

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Pressured by the demands of a growing population and limited by resources in a volatile economy, the government of Tanzania has created a decentralized multi-tiered health system. The majority of the system’s health facilities (approx. 65%) are government-run; however faith-based and for-profit providers also supply instrumental care services (Borghi et al. 2012). The system assumes and facilitates disparities in individuals’ wealth and accessibility to care. It employs a hierarchy of health services to provide people with general health services locally, and then refer them to increasingly more centralized and specialized facilities as needed.
At the base of this operation are “health workers” (HW), who provide primary care to local community members. Dispensaries supervise HWs and provide basic outpatient curative care and selective primary care to citizens (Kwesigabo et al. 2012). Health centers precede a caste of district, regional, and specialty-teaching hospitals. The Tanzanian Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MOHSW) provides public health services, primarily through vertically structured programs, such as the National AIDS Control Program.
In 2014, Tanzania’s total health expenditure (THE) was 2.7 billion USD. This amount has been increasing since 2002 (WHO, 2014). Donors remain to be the largest source of finance, contributing nearly 40%; however, this percentage is decreasing. A corresponding increase in the private sector’s contribution, (reported 34.4%) may be responsible. The smallest percentage of THE continues to come from public sources, which consist primarily of funds from general taxation and public insurance schemes. The state has consistently allocated 7% of its budget to health care spending; ...

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...nequalities by providing care for individuals based on wealth and accessibility
The system assumes and facilitates differentials in individuals’ power and subsequent autonomy

Tanzania’s health system has been organized upon issues of healthcare access and equity.
healthcare in Tanzania are indispensible sector of Tanzania’s health system are pervasive and
disparities in individuals’ wealth and accessibility to care.
- “Elite health wards and health insurance schemes (have been) promoted since the late 1990s that define people by wealth, residence, and mobility.” (Ellison, 2014)

Healthcare in Tanzania is a technological apparatus of “biopower,” such that it allows health facilities to imposed which has

“biomedical” power differentials that impose structural violence to and subsequent structural violence,
which issues of access and equity inequalities.

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