A Infant 's Brain Experiences Rapid Growth During The First Two Years Following Birth

A Infant 's Brain Experiences Rapid Growth During The First Two Years Following Birth

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According to the textbook, “An infant’s brain experiences rapid growth during the first two years following birth” (Bigner & Gerhardt, 2014, p.152). Parents play an important role in promoting brain development by interacting with the baby and providing the baby with experiences that stimulate brain development, such as holding the baby closely while speaking softly (Bigner & Gerhardt, 2014, p.152). A babies brain development is dependent on parents influence and opportunities for the baby to explore the world around them through their senses. Language acquisition emerges during infancy and toddlerhood and plays a key role in the later stages of development. Language acquisition, as stated in the textbook, “is crucial in development and communication, and parents perform an important role in helping infants to communicate” (Bigner & Gerhardt, 2014, p.158). Parents should talk to, and interact with the baby or infant and encourage speaking, in order to expose them to language. Parents can foster a babies language development by participating in interactive activities, such as exposing them to various books and reading stories aloud (Bigner & Gerhardt, 2014, p.158). The parents in the film, Babies, promoted their babies brain and language development in various ways. For example, Hattie’s mother sat on the floor with Hattie in her lap, and read a book aloud to her. Hattie’s mother also engaged Hattie by allowing her to choose which book she wanted to read. Hattie’s parents encouraged her speaking by demonstrating the sound an elephant makes, and then asking her to repeat it aloud. Hattie’s parents not only promoted her brain and language development by reading various books with her, they also en...

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... wear diapers, I was raised thinking this was “normal”, but childrearing practices vary from culture to culture. In the film, Ponijao was never seen in a diaper, and neither were her siblings. In one scene, Ponijao’s mother is holding her and notices she has gone to the bathroom. After noticing, Ponijao’s mother cleans up the mess off her bottom with her knee. Then, Ponijao’s mother cleans off her knee with a wooden brush. One possible meaning and adaptive functioning of this practice could be that it promotes potty training at an earlier age. If the baby does not have a diaper to go to the bathroom in, then they will learn to control their body, which will lead to being fully potty trained at an earlier age. Since Ponijao doesn’t have diapers to use, she has to go without diapers, but it would also reduce the cost and waste of buying and throwing away diapers.

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