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Most people know that world hunger is a problem- they know it’s a serious one too. Food is a necessity. Without it, we don’t survive. People come up with their own reasons as to why this is a growing problem, and they’re usually not correct. People are easily convinced if they are told that this is a problem simply because not every country’s climate can support the crops that it’s people need to survive. Yes, this is part of the problem, but only a minuscule factor in the big picture. The real problem at hand? Our global economy is so unbalanced that the wealthy people have more money than they could ever need- essentially robbing the working class and below of their wealth and money that they need to purchase essential items to live. This unequal distribution of wealth is becoming a major problem in just about every country across the world. Though some people believe world hunger is caused because some developing countries don’t have an adequate climate to support agriculture. This problem would seem to be a fairly easy fix because we actually do have enough food to feed everyone, but in reality not everyone has enough money to buy the food that they need to survive- which is caused by an imbalance in the distribution wealth in almost every country across the globe.
The amount of families living below the poverty line grows every day. A person living below the poverty line and another living above it can feel like two completely different worlds. This is the case exactly in the story of Danzita and Rodrigo, (FRASER, BARBARA J. "Rich world, poor world." National Catholic Reporter 14 Jan. 2000: 3. Student Edition.) two children in Latin America who were born a mere two days and only a few days apart. Today, these kids are 5 yea...

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...fford food. It’s only 8 countries- but it’s a start, and a start is where change begins. Working together, we as a global population can achieve food security and eliminate the millions of hungry people around the world.

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