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A Human Fingerprint Essay

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Much like a human fingerprint, every religion has its own unique ridges and grooves that define it. These grooves shift over time, but the major principles remain the same, enduring agelessly across countless generations. However, something extraordinary happens when a religion diversifies into new and already established cultures. Similarly to how a finger’s shape changes from one digit to another without altering the print, a religion’s finer qualities change as it drifts from one culture to another. This remarkable phenomenon occurred during the 1970s when a Sri Lankan muslim named Bawa Muhaiyadeen journeyed to the United States, bringing with him teachings from the mystical Islamic order known as Sufism. After years of conveying his beliefs to an unsuspecting American crowd, Muhaiyadeen had attracted a sizable band of Islamic followers who would continue to carry on his work, expressing his convictions with a fervor comparable to his own. Notable Islamic transformations began occurring within the colony long before Muhaiyadeen passed though. Its members enjoyed the benefits of practicing in a country with religious freedoms, leaving behind the baggage of Sunni and Shia conflicts and living as a minority among a varied array of other religions. These American footholds thrust Islam into a new and unknown frontier where it would taper into a fresh blend of American-Islamic culture.
One of the aspects about this colony I found particularly interesting was their separation from the major Islamic conflicts and exposure to new struggles. Consider the deep divide between Sunni and Shia groups in some countries. These severed Islamic wings have the capacity to uproot and rearrange governments. Detaching the religion from this incred...

... middle of paper ...

...the most intricate and captivating components of history. In some cases, the clashes result in battles and wars. In others, there is a complex unionizing process that amalgamates the two polar entities. The Pennsylvanian Sufis are an example of the magnificent harmony that can develop between foreign cultures. They have developed a remarkable relationship with the United States by distancing themselves from Islamic conflict, embracing some of the United States’s norms, and reaffirming their most treasured convictions. Hopefully, the Sufis can serve as a role model for other groups merging with the United States. It requires a willingness from both the country and the minority to find the perfect blend, and they have found that mutual desire. This has lead to a new subculture founded in one religion that will function as an integral cog in America’s discovery of Islam.

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