A Human Being And Integral Part Of The Human Essay

A Human Being And Integral Part Of The Human Essay

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Mannish Gharti Magar of Nepal, who was only 17 years of old left this beautiful world without fulfilling her thousands of dreams. Her boyfriend was suspected for her death but according to the polygraph test he passed that test. But it doesn’t matter even if he didn’t kill him, he indirectly involve on her death. She is only an example; numerous women have been loosing their lives because of the prevalent violences around the world.Even though women are the same components of a human being of this world, they have to undertake several challenges of life threatening issues. They have become the victim of social discrimination and loosing their lives due to the brutality of the same other constituent . Every year, millions of women 's become victim of rape, sexual violations, domestic violations and many of them lose their life because of those factors.
A mounted questions arise in my mind regarding theses issues. Even though both are important coequal of a human being and integral part of each other, why the disparity has existed between them or why women are deliberating as made for men. They are dominated in the society because of the patriarchal social system under which men are reflected as a head of the family and women are only supporters.
But this is an age of the 21st century as we have grown up with the development of technologies and information. The general understandings depict gender equality of this age. For example; a family is complete and concise if both male and female possess equal education and earning. They are complementary to each other; if one wheel of chariot doesn’t work, then it will affect the whole functions of it. Same is the case of women and men, but this understanding is not applied in our ...

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...on. Men should understand this ardent condition of women and should treat them as per their need. Against helping and supporting them, it has found from the research that men beats them and sometime kill them.
The persistent violations against women is because of the men. Only the education of women rights to women is not sufficient. They understand their rights but if their partner are not supportive that understanding doesn’t works out alone. Men should be the first focus of behavioral and social education only after they will understand all the parts of equality and why it is important to treat women as a human being and why to respect them. Feminist and the responsible parts of the society should educate and train the men to avoid repeating hazards of social incumbent and to make this world better and a nicer place to live to all the human being equally.

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