A Home Visit Document Rationale Essay

A Home Visit Document Rationale Essay

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Home Visit Document Rationale
The documents below are meant to be given to the parent in sequential order according to the description.
Family Information Sheet
This document will be passed out at the beginning of the school year, when the parents first visit the school for family night. Overall, this document is intended to give me information about the family, so I can include their culture into the classroom. It also will help me be culturally competent when working with different types of families.
• The questions involving languages of the parent and language spoken to child is important because it lets me know how I can best communicate with the parents. This is key when building a relationship with students as well as their parents. This will also help the overall comfort level of the parents and students as well as create a warm environment.
• Holidays are also really important because every culture has different holidays. In a classroom, it is important not to just acknowledge one cultures holiday but every students cultural holidays. This will also create a welcoming environment for students as well as encourage learning. Students will want to learn in a classroom that includes them and their cultures.
• The next set of questions that is in the Family Information Sheet involves how much time the parents spend with their children. This is also important for me to know to better understand the child. If a parent is spending lots of time with their child and reading to them I will encourage that behavior. On the other hand, if a parent is not reading to their child on a daily basis I can inform them of the benefits in doing so.
• The rest of the questions on this form involve family member that have close relationships ...

... middle of paper ...

...at welcomes their family.
Volunteer Form
This form is to be given to the parent directly after I finish the Home Visit Document. If they answered yes, maybe, or not at this time I would leave the form with them to fill out and send to school with their child. That way they have privacy when filling out the form and don’t feel pressured in anyway. I will make sure to stress the important in being involved and also explain that I would love it if they would come in even if it’s just once.
• Overall this sheet is very self-explanatory. I tried to make it very welcoming. I asked for the parents name and information just for my own record. Then I asked them what they would like to help out with, and when they would like to help. I want my classroom be welcoming to all parents. Volunteering is a great way for the parents to be involved in their child’s academic career.

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