A History of Roller Coasters Essays

A History of Roller Coasters Essays

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Roller coasters are one of the most popular rides when you go to an amusement park with everybody in your family. Why are they so scary for some people while for others it is just another adrenaline rush? Roller Coasters are one of the most complicated rides to build and to actually ride. There are some people who just have fun building something to have a quick adrenaline rush before going to work. Roller coasters have some of the most interesting design and history; they have become one of the world’s famous rides at every amusement park.
The first real roller coaster was built in 1878 on Coney Island which was built by La Marcus Thompson. The roller coaster was made out of wood and went down hill. To get to this roller coaster you had to walk up a flight of stairs and then there would be a cart waiting for you to get in, if there wasn’t a line. La Marcus Thompson had designed and built the first “true roller coaster”, even though it only went six M.P.H.
Soon enough in the 1900’s La Marcus Thompson had a partnership with John Miller who became a legend in the roller coaster world. There were roller coasters being built everywhere. They weren’t going down hill only though; they were going up and down in all kinds of new things. There were corkscrews and sinusoids everywhere creating more thrilling rides for roller coasters. Edwin Prescot made history for what he did with a roller coaster. He created what people look forward too on a modern day roller coaster ride, the loop-de-loop. Prescot had become legendary for every roller coaster designer to come in the future.
In the 1950’s “kiddie coasters” had become one of the biggest hits with parents because it was something new to do with their kids. A “kiddie coaster” was ...

... middle of paper ...

...m where you can’t predict what could happen next. I mean roller coasters aren’t just interesting from how they are built but from what different people make of them.

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