Essay about A History Of A World

Essay about A History Of A World

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The book, A History of a World in 6 Glasses, describes six different glasses in great detail and how they have influenced or affected history. The six glasses that are described are, beer, wine, spirits, coffee, tea, and coca-cola. Each of the glasses have specific cases and circumstances in which they were used for. However, they all also have ways in which their usages has been exploited or changed throughout the course of history. Each glass has served a great deal of importance then and continues to do so today.
The first glass, beer, was important because it played a major role in ancient civilizations. Beer was found by accident as the people, in the Near East, were beginning to settle down and switch to farming as opposed to a hunter gatherer lifestyle. Beer was made by exposing wheat and barley until it gained intoxicating qualities. Beer served as a vital part of many interactions of ancient civilizations. “This drink became central to social, religious, and economic life and was the staple beverage of the earliest civilizations”(Standage, pg. 10). The civilizations of Mesopotamia and Egypt greatly used beer and it was believed to be a gift from the gods(Standage, pg. 19). Beer is also important because it was one of the first drinks to come about, besides water. Beer later was used as a means of currency and payment too. For example, “Other records indicate that beer was given as payment to women and children for doing a few days’ work a the temple: Women received two sila and children one sila” (Standage, pg. 35). Adding to the importance of beer, it was also used medicinally - the Egyptians used it as a mild sedative (Standage, pg. 38). As beer was discovered, not invented, it’s exact origins are not quite clear but...

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...dicine purposes up until 1800 (Standage, pg. 228). The business of soda water took off in America, as Benjamin Silliman began to sell bottle water, soda water, on a larger, commercial scale. In 1886, the formula for what was soon to be known as Coca-Cola was created. The initial formula included traces of cocaine, however, such traces has since been removed. The business of Coca-Cola then took off. Coca-Cola is important because it was the first drink of its kinda; it was the introduction to what we know as soda. The company gained success not only in America, but globally as well. To this day, Coca-Cola is a top-leading distributer of soda. The drink, holds such a deal of importance because it was the symbol of the rise of the United States. It also helped to make the jump that capitalism has over communism and make the advances of globalization that are seen today.

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