A Historical And Historical Events Of Tiananmen Square Essay

A Historical And Historical Events Of Tiananmen Square Essay

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June 5, 1989, a young man stands in front of a line of tanks, with thousands of protestors behind him in the midst of what is known as the Tiananmen Square; symbolizing one of many uprisings against repression and civil unrest in China. Since the construction of Tiananmen Square in 1651, it has been the focal point of protests and historical events. The significance of this large city structure which is located in Beijing, China, has both a historical and political importance. Historical for its national museums, mausoleums, monuments, and the Forbidden City which is to the north and dates back to the 1420’s during the Ming Dynasty. Much of the Tiananmen Square’s history derives from political and controversial policies that are upheld by the Chinese government, but challenged by students and other anti-ideologist.
The most important events linked to Tiananmen Square are the May Fourth Movement of 1919, brought on by student protests against China allowing Japan to receive Shandong territory as part of the Treaty of Versailles. After the Chinese Civil War ended in 1949, the Republic of China was reduced to control only Taiwan and Hainan. The new government was proclaimed as the People’s Republic of China by Mao Zendong from the top of the Tiananmen building. “To the thousands of commoners and soldiers gathered under the Gate, it meant that the hidden power had finally emerged and submitted itself to them. No other gesture could more effectively prove the newness of the Communist leadership, and no other act could more convincingly seal the title of People 's Republic. From that moment Tiananmen was no longer one of many gates, but a monument where yearly parades would refresh the memory of the country 's founding.” ...

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... thought. In order to compete with other countries in the foreign market, China has opened up to capalist investments to strengthen its socialist sector of the economy. “Within a decade China became self-sufficient in food production and laid the basis for an industrialized country....in spite of the enormous costs, both in human and material terms…foreign capital combined with a new working class pouring in from the rural areas. China produces goods for the whole world with an extremely high level of profit for the capitalists who have at their disposal a huge source of labor power.” (Fabbri, 1) Perhaps, if the Chinese government would have addressed the issues raised by the student protests of 1989, the country would have been the leader of an industrialized and profitable people a long time ago; instead of repressing the memories of a massacre in Tainanmen Square.

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