A Historical Analysis of Liberalism and Conservatism through International Policy

A Historical Analysis of Liberalism and Conservatism through International Policy

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Throughout its one-hundred-year history, political science has focused on many theories on international politics. Three majors types of political theories typically discussed are liberal, realist, and Marxist. However, what many political scientists fail to take into context is the often changing electorate and the paradoxes usually associated with the electorate. In recent decades, the electorate’s shifts in ideological taste, particularly from a conservative president, for example President George W. Bush, to a liberal president, President Barack Obama, in one election cycle, have become increasingly important as the political climate becomes more politicized and compromises become harder to reach on many issues, especially foreign policy. Students need to understand the difference and historical changes in international political theory from each side of the political aisle to fully understand the deadlock we, as voters, see in Washington today. For this reason, I propose an independent study on the historical background of the meanings of conservative and liberal using international political theories. This will help add another dynamic in political science by not just focusing on theories , but it will add statistics and actual numbers to the science, and increase the ability of political scientist to understand new trends in the American electorate and better predict where these liberal or conservative trends may end up. The shifts in political trends can provide political scientists with a better understanding of the paradox that a voter has from their own ideology can influence major changes in foreign political policy and political theories. Any political scientist understands that the American electorate is the ultimate...

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...ideology and policy occur frequently through history. This course will bring a better understanding to policy in the field of political science and foreign policy for political scientist across the world.

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