A High School Guidance Counselor Essay

A High School Guidance Counselor Essay

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After our guest speaker, Kalin Stewart, told us she had little to no help with postsecondary education preparation with her exceptional children’s class from guidance counselors, it worried me. I personally want to become a high school guidance counselor and I do not want to leave any of my students or teachers out on their own. It also saddened me to learn about the struggles my classmate Hannah faced without learning basic life skills in school. Therefore, I wanted to learn what was being done with postsecondary education preparation and how I can improve upon it.
I randomly chose Carol Bartholf out of the EC teacher’s directory from Northwood High School. She is actually the teacher for the Basic Life Skills class at Northwood. Therefore, the majority of her class is based on preparation for postsecondary education. She has 11 students who stay with her and her two teaching assistants for the entire day. Many are on the autism spectrum or have intellectual disabilities. The students will also receive a Certificate of Graduation instead of a diploma. In the class, the students learn reading, writing, math, and daily living skills on a one-to-one basis, but social studies and science is taught with the whole group. Throughout the week, vocation skills are taught through the student participating in various volunteer jobs. They also learn how to cook, fun fitness skills, and function skills such as how to tell time and manage money. Her students are not very inclusive with other students in the regular education program, but they use extracurricular activities and lunch time to communicate with the rest of the student population. Many students are even set to continue to learn daily living skills after graduation in vocational re...

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...rt, spoke about how important self-determination is for a student especially after high school when they have to do a lot of things on their own. Carol also stated that the majority of her students do attend Vocational Rehabilitation after graduating to get help in finding a job and continue to improve on their already learned skills.
Overall, I was very impressed by all that Northwood encompassed into their EC classroom. I would love to expand these activities to every high school, so every high schooler can be efficiently prepared when they graduate. I would love to become a guidance counselor, but it seems as the guidance counselors aren’t very involved with the EC population and leave it all up to the teachers. I would definitely change that if I were to become a guidance counselor. I would try my best to help every single student be a success after high school.

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