A High Percentage Of The Community Where I Reside Essays

A High Percentage Of The Community Where I Reside Essays

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A high percentage of the community where I reside, I would consider “Trailer Trash”. Most are uneducated alcoholics or habitual drug users. There is a small percentage that are students and honest working class people. In order to escape the confines which my family is subjected to, I need to obtain an education. Having children, not only do I teach them the value of hard work, but the value of an education. They can look at their lives and see why I am furthering my education. As a parent, I must be the example to my children, so they can see upward mobility is possible from a poverty class.
Education is key when attempting to achieve upward mobility. At present I do not hold a degree or any certifications that can help me achieve upward mobility. I work a low paying job as a janitorial supervisor. My employer does not provide benefits or vacation, furthermore, I have reached a pay cap of a whopping $11 per hour, for this reason I am attending college. Working as a janitor is not a career that can provide well enough for my family. Sure we get by, but I don’t want to get by, I want to thrive. When comparing a minimum wage job to that of a freshly graduated career holder, we can see an immediate difference in pay. A minimum wage job is going to land you about $15,000 a year, whereas starting salary with a degree will start you at double or more, depending on the degree and field.
CNN Reports “97% of apparel sold in the U.S. is made overseas” (Mann). This leads to less jobs in the United States, not only with manufacturing apparel but other manufacturing as well. Without the blue collar work readily available those without a skilled trade or a degree don’t stand a chance.
I was born and raised on the Southern Oregon Coast. Once up...

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...ptimal values, beliefs, and behaviors regarding the importance of education, work, relationships, and good mental health to their children” (Davis-Kean and Holly). Continuing the struggle for upward mobility needs to be passed along to your children and their children. Eventually, it will no longer be a struggle, but a continued way of life for generations to come.
Upward mobility is something I hold dear to my heart. I don’t want people to judge my family as trailer trash any longer. The Cards I was dealt in life are going to change, but to change them it will start with an Ace in Education. When I land the career that I want, I will appreciate it because I know what real work is. Rising from the lower class, I will not take middle or upper class for granted, and I will always remember where I came from, what class I left behind, what class I rescued my family from.

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