A Hellish 2015 Storm Tears Through An Innocent Fourth Of July Festival Essay

A Hellish 2015 Storm Tears Through An Innocent Fourth Of July Festival Essay

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A hellish 2015 storm tears through an innocent Fourth of July festival as over one hundred thousand souls dive left and right for any minuscule amount of shield from the typhoon. During this disaster, fifteen trained teenagers leap into action, securing flyaway and potentially dangerous tents and storing any gear and technology that could have been damaged by the tempest. Had it not been for these teens and their quick thinking and decision-making during this event, both people and property could have potentially been harmed. When it comes to preparing and responding to both "smaller" storms such as these and full-blown natural disasters, youth are a highly under-utilized resource, despite their steadily increasing presence. It may seem that only qualified adults should be permitted to handle local disasters, however, it is crucial to the lives and futures of potential victims/survivors, our future generations, and our teens themselves that properly trained and able adolescents also become involved in preserving public safety. While providing a last light of hope for victims, these teens would additionally be able to eventually pass on their training to younger people and perhaps even apply their shiny new skills to their chosen career path.
In fact, if a disaster ever occurred, and there were no available emergency services or certified adult rescuers in the surrounding area, the last hope for anyone in trouble might just be a properly trained teenager. Under the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA, an article was written detailing the achievements of a Mart High School Community Emergency Response Team, or CERT, who had trained twenty of its students in responding to and handling emergencies within their community. Amon...

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...ompletion of a mastery program, these teenagers would be able to rescue the lives of victims, serve as teachers willing to gain similar expertise, and potentially relate these abilities to a future job of theirs. Without a doubt, if teens were to take an active interest in maintaining public safety, less people and property would be harmed and destroyed, respectively, during a catastrophe. In order to oppose a community safety program, citizens might claim that, during rescue operations, a responder could become injured or be killed. In fact, safety training and guidelines are all possible measures taken to prevent such a tragedy from ever occurring, so, in short, there is no danger in wanting to become involved in a disaster prevention program. With all the good that someone can have to offer, what 's keeping everyone from no longer being the smoke in the background?

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