Essay about A Hearing Aid To Combat My Hearing Loss

Essay about A Hearing Aid To Combat My Hearing Loss

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Having a hearing loss can affect both our physical and mental lives. The best way to help most people with hearing losses is getting a hearing aid. In my life, I have conductive hearing loss which is caused by infections and, in my case, scar tissue. From third grade to middle of my fifth grade year, I was having trouble hearing my parents and the teachers at school trying to talk to me. I would not hear what they were saying; therefore, I was hearing mumbling sounds. I had to try to piece the words together to try to figure out what those around me were saying. My parents noticed I was having a difficult time, and that was when I went for a hearing test. The audiologist mentioned it would be a good idea if I would get a hearing aid. I was hesitant at first about getting a one. I did not know anything about them; besides, they were for elderly people. I was in fifth grade. I did not know anyone who wore one that was my age; however, I needed to get over that fact. I needed one, and it was probably one of the only instruments that would help me hear.
Within the past 10 years hearing aids have improved. They come in many sizes, colors, and even new features. My first hearing aid was a generic one. I had an inner ear half shell hearing aid. I did not want anything anyone could see. My audiologist showed me multiple hearing aids, and the one that looked right for me was the inner ear one. Myths and Facts about Hearing Aids says, “There are several styles of hearing aids, and all are ‘state of the art.’ What is most important is that you purchase a hearing aid that accommodates your hearing loss and your listening needs” (2) I did not know anything about hearing aid, but now since I wear one, they are actually pretty interesting. I n...

... middle of paper ... loss in just one of my ears. Ever since I received my hearing aid, I hear things a lot better and clearer. Hearing aids are a good device anyone could have. There are different styles that a person can chose from. Quoted from Hearing Aid Facts, “Everyone’s hearing loss and listening needs are different. By working with your hearing aid dispenser, you can determine how much a hearing aid will improve your hearing” (1).

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