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A Healthy Body Essay

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Healthy Body
Do you have a healthy body? If not how can you have a healthy body? Almost all people don’t have a healthy body in the world. I search how can we have a healthy body. I found really good information in the articles and on the web pages. If you want to have a healthy body, you need a fit body, you should eat right, tips for a healthy and balanced physical body and have a special diet and nutrition.
Let’s begin with how people can have a fit body. All people know the importance of maintaining fitness and tidy cardiovascular exercise. Many people don’t get enough activity to stay fit and they think it is not too important for their health. Regular physical activity helps us maintain and develop our fitness. You should work with your body with daily discipline. You start an exercise routine. Exercise helps you live longer and have a healthier life. The human body needs to stay in action and movement. There are five five areas of keep your body in shape, healthy, flexible, and strong. The first area is aerobic exercise. The simple way is walking. Walking is the best exercise for your body. Don’t forget to start off slower to tone up and enhance speed slowly. The other strategy for enhancing intensity is enhance your speed explodes of time. Remember that, walking is just as good if you go fast enough. The second area is stretching. An important age trace is you level of flexibility. Yoga is the best way to keep your body flexible. There is a option: If you don’t have enough time to get a full yoga lesson or session, you can try to do 5 minutes of stretching every day after your aerobic exercise. The third area is balancing. The author states that...

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...elp keep people healthy. The suggestion from the author is “ Look for the hilarity in every situation and keep laughing. The ninth area is keep your thoughts positive. If you want to feel and look perfect control your thoughts closely procure that you are thinking only positive thoughts. The tenth area is deal with your emotions, do not stifle them. It has to store this emotional energy somewhere.

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