A Gun Place On Home Defense Essay

A Gun Place On Home Defense Essay

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A Guns Place in Home Defense
One’s home is not only a valuable asset that one owns, but it is where we spend quality time with our family and friends. The danger of a home invasion is real as the statistics show us that the crime rate in U.S. has increased since 1990. According to Safe Guard the World, a professional security company, an estimated 2,000,000 burglaries are reported each year in the United States (Professional Preventative Security). With such an alarming number of burglaries, Americans have the right to defend themselves through the use of firearms.
If firearms were to be stripped away from individuals them for defense it would fail to have a significant impact on lessening crime. There is already such an enormous amount of illegally obtained firearms in circulation that criminals could easily still get what they wanted with little to no effort at all. This should be all we need to say: Law abiding citizens should have every right to possess a firearm and defend their home when necessary. Firearms are key to safety in the event of a burglary because of the police response time, the right to defend one’s self and loved ones in one’s home, and since a staggering 44% of all home invasions are intruders that are armed with weapons.
In home invasions, 63% involved the home owner being an un-armed victim and the other 38%, were armed (Professional Preventative Security). Statics prove that those that are firearm owners are less likely to be targeted for a home invasion or burglary. By owning a firearm, and using it to defend one’s home, one does not need to be entirely dependent on law enforcement to be there the moment one needs them. Per the Women’s Self-Defense Institute, the average police response time...

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... being injured or even killed. When someone breaks into one’s home, armed with a firearm, individuals have every right to defend themselves, as one’s home should be a safe place.
It is evident that the lengthy police response time allows a window for injury or death during a break-in. As well as baring arms is a right and defending one’s own home should not be infringed. Removing firearms from the American people will only increase the risk of people getting injured as well as increased crime rates. Not being able to defend one’s self simply makes home invasion easier and more appealing to criminals since there is no real danger or threat. There are many different ways to protect your home, and home invasions can be prevented in many different ways. However, in the event of a break-in, owning a firearm may just be the determining factor between one’s life and death.

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