Essay about A Guide to Basic Bass Fishing Techniques

Essay about A Guide to Basic Bass Fishing Techniques

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When it comes to bass fishing techniques, there is a plethora of information out there that can be confusing for the beginning angler to sort through. By understanding just a few basic techniques, you can cut through all of the information and get the fundamental knowledge that you need in order to successfully catch your first bass. Then as you gain experience, you will be able to build upon the basics that you have learned to become an expert bass fisherman.

Clear Water Bass Fishing Techniques

Some anglers say that fishing in clear water is the toughest situation for catching bass. However, you can easily catch bass in clear water if you know what bass are attracted to.

Because they can't see very well in clear water, bass are not attracted to lightly colored baits yet if you use a dark colored bait your chances for catching bass in clear water greatly increase. Many bass anglers have said that they find that dark black, blue, brown and green baits like crankbaits, spoons and spinners seem to work exceptionally well when fishing in clear water situations.

It is believed that these darkly colored baits encourage a bass to make a clean strike that helps to easily set your hook in the fish. So the next time you are out fishing in a clear lake or stream, consider using a dark bait or lure if you are seeking to catch bass.

Bass Fishing Techniques For Finding Bass On a Lake

When fishing on any lake, locating bass can be difficult sometimes. In order to locate these cunning fish, it helps to find schools of their favorite prey. Bass are guaranteed to be close by their food source and using this technique will help you to land that largemouth or smallmouth bass you are seeking.

One of the best bass fishing techniqu...

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...s that are your own unique techniques and this will help you to build your skills to become an expert bass angler. Then your enjoyment of the hobby will greatly increase and you will find that bass fishing is one of the most enjoyable outdoor hobbies in the world.

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