A Guide to a Successful Teen Party

A Guide to a Successful Teen Party

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A Guide to a Successful Teen Party

Organizing a party can sometimes be stressful, but it all depends on
how you go about it. Here are some helpful tips on how to organize a
successful party, which will always be memorable.

* The first step to organizing a party is to pick a name for the party
e.g. teens night or whatever occasion the party is being held for,
hire a venue were the party is going to be held at, you can decide to
organize the party at your house if it’s big enough but you must ask
you parents/guardian before making any plans. If you are planning to
have a big party you may want to hire a venue such as a community

* Draw up a list of friends you want to invite; try to limit this to a
number you know you can control. It’s best to post the invitation.
Make sure you don’t send invites by email as they can easily be
forwarded on to people you don’t intend to invite. Make sure your
invite card has a start time and end time for the party.

* If the party is being held at your house make sure you inform the
neighbors and let them know what time the party will end.

* Put aside valuable and breakable items before the guests arrive and
make use to keep your parents/guardian’s doors locked throughout the

* Consider entertainment such as music or video you know everyone will
enjoy. One of the easiest things you can do is to hire a DJ for your
party. You'll want the DJ to know and bring along all of the latest
popular songs, songs to which every one can dance. Do set a limit for
how loud the music should be. You may also consider entertainment such
as games suitable for your age group or competitions such as
demonstrating a new dance and maybe having the guest perform for
humorous prizes. Don’t forget to have some fun your self and try

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talking to your guest. Try talking about things common to your
knowledge if the guests are your schoolmates or work mates. Always try
to keep the conversation going.


* Supply a wide selection of non-alcoholic drinks, such as fizzy
drinks, juice, water or a large bowl of non-alcoholic punch. Make sure
it’s enough to last throughout the party. Be sure to serve plenty of
food, snacks, pastries, pizza, ice cream and sweets might just do the

* Think about setting aside a 'safe' room at the party where guests
can put their coats and bags. Make sure a responsible adult keeps an
eye around the room incase of fight breakout or injuries.

* Make sure the party doesn’t go on until late hours, see your guests
off when the party is over and enjoy the rest of your evening.

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