A Guide For Hemet, California Schools Essay

A Guide For Hemet, California Schools Essay

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A Guide to Hemet, CA Schools: From Elementary Through College

Meta Description: Hemet, California has some of the best schools in the Inland Empire; here’s a quick guide.

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The Schools in Hemet, California

The city of Hemet, California, located just south of the Eastern end of the Inland Empire, has some terrific public schools, private schools and academies, and colleges and other institutions of higher education. The city is served by the Hemet Unified School District, which also covers parts of San Jacinto and Valle Vista. There are more than twenty thousand students in the Hemet area. Here is a quick breakdown of some of the best schools in the area.

Hemet, CA Elementary Schools

Hemet’s sixteen elementary schools are spread throughout the city itself and serve the population of Hemet and the surrounding areas. Primary schools in the Hemet area include Cawston Elementary, Bautista Creek Elementary, Whittier Elementary, Fruitvale Elementary, Hemet Elementary, Jacob Wiens Elementary, Little Lake Elementary, McSweeny Elementary, Harmony Elementary, Ramona Elementary, Valle Vista Elementary, and Winchester Elementary.

Bautista Creek Elementary

Bautista Creek Elementary is a kindergarten through fifth grade public school. It has been open to students for twenty-two years and serves roughly nine hundred area children. The school offers the Students Achieving in Fun Environments (SAFE) after school program, which has roughly one hundred participants. SAFE provides students in the first through fifth grades extended after school learning opportunities and positive behavior support until ...

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California Beauty College educates students in a variety of cosmetology and other esthetic fields. Students typically take between one and two years to complete a course of study at California Beauty College, graduating with the skills and knowledge needed to pass the state’s Board of Barbering and Cosmetology exams. The school campus is located centrally in Hemet and has cutting edge cosmetology equipment for student instruction in salon-like settings. The school also employs guest makeup artists, hair stylists, skin care experts, and manicurists to give students a look into the real world of cosmetology.

Hemet is a Great Place to Grow Up

With so many great elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and institutions of higher education in the area, Hemet makes a great place to learn and grow.

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