A Great Way For College Students Essay example

A Great Way For College Students Essay example

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A great way for college students to save money
What college student doesn 't want to save money while going to a university or a Jr. college? when you go to any college tuition is not cheap it can be pretty pricey. you have to spend hundreds of dollars for books, new or used. they can add up when you are going full time. two easy ways to save money on books is by using the internet. if you teacher uses an old book that semester. you can always search the title of the book and find the pdf of it and print it out for free. another way to save money if you have a tablet you can use Chegg an app/website and rent the E-book for under $20 dollars. now that 's a bargain and a great way to save money and trees.
Another thing why technology is great YouTube. you can learn so many things on that website.if you get stuck on how to format your paper to learning a new language. the channels and videos they have on there will teach you step by step, how to format your paper on any source you 're using. for example: if you 're majoring on be a chef for a restaurant you can look up so many recipes f...

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