A Great Strategy Is More Than An Aspiration Essay

A Great Strategy Is More Than An Aspiration Essay

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Every entrepreneur and business owner have the same dreams to own successful businesses, revolutionize the marketplaces, and develop high quality life for each generation. Leaders are trailblazers in their companies and no one know the internal structure and company current situations like they do; therefore, they have responsibility to think deeper for their companies’ strategies. As Cynthia Montgomery illustrates in the book, The Strategist, “A great strategy is more than an aspiration, more than a dream: It’s a system of value creation, a set of mutually reinforcing parts. Anchored by a compelling purpose, it tells you where a company will play, how it will play, and what it will accomplish.” An appropriate strategy is the most important factor to bring an organization to the world. Before establishing a good strategy, to be a good strategist is an urgent issue for every leader.
The vital scenario, which brings Walgreen to the world, is to find a global partnership. Walgreens, as a new entry in the global market, needs to understand the present global industry condition and make an effective strategy to adapt this situation. As a result, for the future development of the company, the launch of the companies’ long-term strategic partnership was established. The target strategic partnership is Alliance Boots, which was a multinational pharmacy-led health and beauty group. Its market position is similar to Walgreens, so it is easy for Walgreens to analyze and imitate. In 2012, Walgreens acquired a 45 percent equity ownership in Alliance Boots, and then in 2015, the firm acquired the remaining 55 percent of Alliance Boots. After the combination, Alliance Boots formally changed to Walgreens Boots Alliance, and it incl...

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...for the AIDS epidemic, cooperate with health divisions and several AIDS service organizations to inspire community members to take advantage of free HIV testing in the specified stores.
Overall, Walgreens has a clear position to serve the flourishing demand for pharmacy-led health and well-being services by progressing community pharmacy through three main objectives: expressing comprehensive health care for its consumers by leveraging its community in United States; offering differentiated shopping experiences and low price strategy that other rivals cannot easily imitate; and setting strategic partnerships with health insurance companies, hospital systems, physicians, and other successful employers. Although Walgreens has brand recognition issue, I believe the company can improve its brand and reputation through meaningful communal participation.

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