A Great Lesson For Everyone Working With Education And Children Essay

A Great Lesson For Everyone Working With Education And Children Essay

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Growing up, many parents teach their children “nothing will happen, unless you put effort into it”. This statement is a great lesson for everyone working with education and children. In the United States, we are facing achievement gaps throughout all aspects of life. The causes of achievement gaps are constantly being researched with combinations such as minorities, low income, language, class status, and culture in general. All of these statuses are affecting not only the students outside of school, but inside of school as well. Who you are classified as follows you for your entire life. Some statuses can change such as what amount of income you have or what social class you belong to. However, the others won’t change unless a difference is made to the schooling curriculum, teacher’s knowledge and perspective, and diversity having a positive outlook.
English Language Learners have barriers in their lives that are affecting the success in school. Languages, and a new lifestyle, are two of the many barriers they have to overcome in order to participate and learn. This way, they can do as best as possible throughout school. English Language Learners need respectful, patient, and caring teachers. Teachers who know what the specific student is going through. Knowing that something simple to English-natives doesn’t always click with the non-English native student right away. English Language Learners need role models who are caring and passionate about helping the student get through challenges and barriers, so they can achieve what they are capable of doing (ELL 2011).
In order for those teachers to fulfill those duties they need a strict curriculum. Curriculum for English Language Learners, where it’s not challenging enough, or ha...

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...e awake and ready to participate and learn. Achievement gaps aren’t always because you can’t understand what is being said, or because you haven’t had the proper education.
Achievement gaps can slowly be closed. The factors that are causing the gaps just need to be controlled and looked for. Providing the services, educational help, and additional programs can make a bigger impact than we may have thought. Students falling below the average line in the standardized test are more likely to get researched and talked about rather than actually getting help to make progress in school. Many factors can affect student’s daily lives with school, these are factors that can slowly be done with passionate teachers, strict curriculum, after school programs, and support from friend and family. Achievement gaps can be closed with the right correction in the education system.

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