A Great Big World Band Analysis Essay

A Great Big World Band Analysis Essay

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A Great Big World made its second appearance at the World Cafe Philly on 1/29. They have had quite a run since they were here last year. A record contract with Epic , a recording of “Say Something” with Christine Aguilera, an appearance on the American Music Awards and Victoria Secret Fashion Show are among the exciting things A Great Big World experienced this past year. Additionally, they have appeared on the Tonight Show and Live with Kelly & Michael. They just released their frist album, Is There Anybody Out There. The album is rated number 5 locally and 4 nationally while debuting on the Billboard Top 10.

The warm up act was Secret Someones. It is hard to describe their style except to say they were very good. Being inspired by Tom Petty, Weezer and Talking Heads tells the story. They played country rock, pop, psychedelic, and a little metal. This band has four members with three women and one guy on drums. They all took turns singing lead and being the front person. They all did quite well with strong voices, great three and four-part harmony coupled with a real...

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