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A Graduate Of University Of California Santa Essay

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Kayla (a psuedonym) is a recent graduate of University of California Santa Barbara with a bachelor’s degree in Global Studies and History. She is 23 years old and is currently living with both of her parents and half-sister in Glendale, CA. She migrated from Peru at the age of thirteen in 2005 with her mother and half sister. She states that her father was already living in the United States for 13 years when they were able to migrate. She explains that the reason behind her father’s move was due to the lack of job opportunities in Peru.

“My dad never really planned when he was coming to the United States. It happens to be that he got my mom pregnant and I was on the way. He couldn’t get a job after he graduated. Everyone was fleeing everywhere, companies were being taken over, everyone was becoming bankrupt. Everything was a mess and we where barely coming out of terrorism that was happening in Peru so the economy was pretty unstable and he couldn’t find a job at all. He was an engineer, so that tell you how bad it was. He knew that he had to provide for me, so decided to come to the U.S because we had family he so mind as well give it a try. So he came to the U.S with a student visa to study something else and then see if he could stay somehow.”

Kayla’s father came to the United States with a student visa to study marketing at University of California Los Angeles, but his main goal was to send money back to Peru. He was able to acquire a job through his aunt who lived in California at the time that would paid in cash. Kayla explains that her father would send $300 dollars for her to continue to attend private school and additional amount for her mother and half sister. She states that her father’s family had la...

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...ibes the city to populated by Armenians, Koreans, Mexicans, and Caucasians. This fits the classical assimilation model because they didn’t chose to migrate to a neighborhood that was similar to their culture, instead they immersed themselves with different groups.
The classical assimilation model best fits Kayla’s experience, but they are issues with it. For instance, she still keeps in touch with here culture. She explains that she reads, writes, and speak Spanish fluently, that her mother always cooks Peruvian food, that they have direct TV because they have specific Peruvian channels, and whenever she gets a chance she visits her home country (Kayla, pg.16).
It seems like Kayla’s migration was planned at young age through English in Peru to the sacrifices her father made. Each played a role in he process of her migration and assimilation less challenging.

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