A Good Website Experience ( User Experience ) Essay

A Good Website Experience ( User Experience ) Essay

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• How Not to Frustrate Your Customers with Your Website - A good website experience (user experience) involves understanding what visitors to your website want and need and blending them with your business goals. Ask “What are their goals for coming to your site or what are they looking for?” It could be looking for information, comparing products/services, making a purchase, looking for directions, or a number of other things. It’s important to make it easy for them to accomplish those goals. It’s Really about User Research and Definitely Testing your website with Target Customers
• What are we going to cover?
• Show & Tell Who You Are
• Make Your Value Proposition Clear
• Think Mobile
• Avoid Confusion
• Make It Easy
• Useful Tools

• Show & Tell Who You Are -When you consider what’s important to visitors, they want to know who you and what your site is about quickly. Think both visuals (show) & words (tell) to demonstrate who you are
• Good Eggs- What I like about this site: It’s clear from the name and picture this website is about food. The Header “Good groceries delivered” explains more. Smaller text “ local & organic” tells you more as well as their location (the SF Bay area). There’s a field to “Enter Your Delivery Zip Code” and click the button to “Start Shopping” The call to action is clear.
• Good Eggs- Produce Page - When you click to market page, again they show (with attractive images of food) & tell (“Good groceries delivered”) who they (Good Eggs) are. Additionally, they have easy to understand headings across the top menu. Produce, Meat, Fish, Meals, Deli, Snacks, etc. are similar to sections of the grocery store.
• MIT Libraries- Why do people go to libraries? To find information. The MIT Libraries site ...

... middle of paper ...

...ur site have high bounce rates? 3) Where people are coming to your site from? Lots more. But, Google Analytics will only show that there’s an issue not why.
• Peek Test- To start to understand “Why”, try a Peek Test, a free 5 minute usability test on your website. You get a video of testers screen and hear their voice. Why you can’t choose the demographics of the tester (after all it’s free). It’s a good tool to begin to understand first impressions of your website.
• Usability Hub – UsabiltiyHub is another way to get free usability test, you can take other people’s test and get credits to do your own tests. Again, you can’t choose your tester (so it might not be your target market), but it’s good to get first impressions or test what visitors want to click.
• Questions- So, that rounds out the presentation. Are there any questions? Here’s my contact info as well.

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