A Good Memory That Never Fades Essay

A Good Memory That Never Fades Essay

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Every child should have at least one good memory that never fades. One that time just can’t seem to touch no matter how hard it tries. For me, all it takes is to close my eyes and think, and I can see it as if it were yesterday.
Our secluded retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life; my grandparents’ cabin. I remember the hour long drive through Nowheresville and no cell reception, not that anyone missed it or even touched their phones for the weekend.
In the summer, the scenic route was lush, green-leaved, and enchanting. It was like a fairytale forest and you were expecting to see a woodland nymph or a satyr walking about. In the autumn, green turned to gold, red and orange. In the winter, the trees lost their magnificent colors and slept through the harsh cold. Then, when spring flooded in, the trees awoke from their slumber, bringing life back into the world.
You knew you were getting close when the black-topped roads turned to dirt and young children were jostled from their naps. You could see the large, green, tin shed that sheltered the biggest monster a child had ever seen, before you saw the makeshift driveway. Looking back now, the monster was merely a piece of farming machinery, a large, red tractor to be exact. Going into the driveway you could see raspberry bushes galore along the edges of the property. Once ripe you could pick buckets of them; Nana would make her famous raspberry jelly and jam, and send us home with jars of it. Then, that was when you saw it, the small, tan painted cabin that had been in my family since my mother was a little girl, and held so many memories already. The next thing your eyes would drift to would be the old, frightening looking, tin camper I heard so many stories about. ...

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...ildren we’d need to bring the VHS tapes if we wanted to watch anything after it got too dark to be outside.
I sit here alone, close my eyes, and I can see everything as if I were right there. However, my memory is just that, a memory; time has since dulled the scene. Raspberries no longer grow, the dock has rotted out, and everything inside has been split between members of my family. My nana passed away almost ten years ago, and my gramps has sold the cabin to another family, who will hopefully keep making memories there. Our laughter still echoes in the bare room, and tears have long since been cried out; our memories will forever be imprinted on that land. Time can destroy many things, both memory and the outside world, but there has to be at least one etched so deeply into your brain, that time can’t get to it. For me, this is that one, and I’ll keep it forever.

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